People + technology = success

Perform with efficiency Deliver authentic interaction. Exceed company goals. We make every agent your best agent.

A few agents are born great. All can be made great.

We are disruptive innovators. It’s in our DNA. Our solution, melding the best of technology with human authenticity, is backed by well-funded equity partners and chosen by Fortune 50 companies. Their reason why is simple. We know how to learn and replicate the behaviors of the best agents, amplify them at scale to every agent and drive game-changing outcomes.


Inspired to achieve

We’re more than a human-in-the-loop solution for contact centers. We are a passionate team with a vibrant culture that brings the XSELL values to life in every relationship. Before making every agent your best agent, we empower our people to succeed and reach their professional best.

Best chapter

Each of us is driven to write our “best chapter yet,” both personally and professionally. We believe in working hard to achieve success, but success only comes if we do it together. We do this with a high level of humility, integrity, and compassion towards our coworkers. We celebrate and recognize each other and have a lot of fun along the way.

Do it the XSELL way

We are an inclusive culture of top-performing people resiliently striving toward common goals. People admire the work and “the XSELL way” of operating as one team using strong communication, collaboration, and accountability.

Know us by our results

We do what we say. Our coworkers and clients will “know us by our results” — we welcome that and embrace transparency and measurement.

Open for business

We are fiercely committed to improving ourselves, our team, and our company. We stay curious and approach every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Conversations happen in the room

Feedback is imperative to collective success. We approach every “conversation in the room” with respect, empathy, and candor.


Meet our team

Matt Coughlin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Stoehr

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Bree Bowman

Senior VP of Strategic Channels
Christina Christensen

Christina Christensen

VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy

Andrew Conrad

VP of Customer Success
Diallo Gentry

Diallo Gentry

Head of Cybersecurity & IT Risk Management

Mike Grzelakowski

Chief Financial Officer
Ishu Jaswal

Ishu Jaswal

Head of Data Science

Shawn Mobley

Chief Commercial Officer

Steve Moore

Senior VP of Sales Enablement & Support
Mark Siner

Mark Siner

Senior VP of Enterprise Sales

Aaron Wakefield

Chief Information Officer

Dan Wood

VP of Ontology


Board of Directors

Frank Jules

Frank Jules

Retired President, Global Business AT&T

Lawrence Leisure

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Chicago Pacific Founders

Dean Nelson

Senior Partner, Sageview Capital

Mary Tolan

Founder and Co-Managing Partner, Chicago Pacific Founders

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Write the best chapter of your career

Let’s work together. XSELL Technologies seeks people like you who are looking to make a difference while collaborating as a team.

Have a conversation that moves your company forward

Our team is ready to make every agent your best agent.