How It Works

People are your secret weapon


Unlike any other voice or chat solution ever

Many contact centers use primed-to-fail AI bots and machine learning. Others rely entirely on expensive agent training. XSELL Technologies is a hybrid that adopts the best of each into a solution that exceeds your expectations. How? By delivering customer-proven, adaptive coaching — all in real time.

Your past is our prologue

Every company's customers have their own unique needs and expectations. Plus, every top performing agent has their own success strategies. That's why XSELL gathers tens of thousands of your archived interactions to formulate and tailor our real-time coaching strategies.

First, we analyze

We use AI and data science to identify the top-performing tactics, actions, and strategies developed by your best agents in critical moments of opportunity. Then we filter this conversational intelligence into highly repeatable strategies in the form of conversation maps, capturing every possible path a customer interaction may take.

Second, we humanize

AI never feels like a real person. It struggles with context, hyperbole, sarcasm, and subtlety. We use real people early in the mapping process to bring authenticity, empathy, and expertise into our real-time coaching tool.

Mapping your royal roads

Our maps builds paths that are expressways moving through the perfect customer interaction. Every map includes bypasses and off-ramps that overcome objections, anticipate opportunities, and increase customer interaction value.

Real agents — never bots

Using real agents for every customer interaction is our second human-in-the-loop advantage. We augment agents with real-time coaching, progress tracking, and our unique objection handling technology. The best agents enjoy the flexibility they crave to succeed, while low-performing agents are supported with strategies proven to work with your customers.

Success never rests

Even the best road needs occasional repaving. We enable continuous improvement by analyzing every interaction to identify new strategies and provide better agent guidance. As our refinement wheel turns, your results keep improving.


Top performer tactics applied to every interaction

Boosts call center performance

Improves customer experience

Navigates any interaction